Something's Different is not your usual bakery as our name suggests!  


While we have been a part of many "just becauses", birthdays, thank yous and retirements we have also have successfully executed events requiring the production of 4000 cupcakes over the period of 48 hours!


The key to being able to accomodate any request is advance planning.



How We Can Help


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For just  few cupcake treats 

Reserving some the day before recommended, booking early on the day you need them. 

We're open for limited retail Tuesday through Saturday.


For larger events

Avoid Rush fees. Plan Ahead with 50% down.

for every hundred cupcakes we require 2 days notice


60 cupcakes or less - 1 Day Notice

100 cupcakes - 2 Days Notice

200 - 4 Days Notice 

400  cupcakes - 6 days Notice

1000 cupcakes -  minimum of 2 weeks notice



One of our Sales Representatives will be happy to assist you!



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